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Amazing, Old-fashioned,
Made-from-scratch Holiday Dinners.

All Meat Weights Taken Before Cooking. Limited Space. Order Today!
Not Frozen And Thawed Like All Of Our Competitors.

Important Note: All orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance and payment is due at the time of ordering.

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Price: $31.90
This Is A 1/2 Rotisserie Cooked Spiral Ham
Our cost is $29.00 plus 10% ($2.90) = $31.90
Price: $63.79
This Is A Full Ham
Means Center Cut Slices are Included
(Not a Butt or Shank Portion)
Our cost is $57.90 plus 10% ($5.79) = $63.69
Price: $20.90
Our cost is $19.00 plus 10% ($1.90) = $20.90
Homemade, Old-fashioned Cornbread Dressing
Medium Pan, (feeds 8-12): $14.29 our cost plus 10% ($1.42)= $15.71
Large Pan, (feeds 18-22): $28.29 our cost plus 10% ($2.99) = $31.28
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