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Dear valued customers,

As the country responds to the unprecedented consequences of coronavirus, please be assured that Piggly Wiggly Food For Less is doing everything in our power to keep the store clean, disinfected and as stocked as possible. We have adjusted our store closing hours in order to give our team more time to clean and restock shelves. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less’ top priorities are our customers and employees, and this is just one of the many measures we are taking to care for them. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less will be open to serve you Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We are dedicating the first hour of business for our seniors aged 55 or older. This dedicated hour will be available to you, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Thank you for your business!

At Piggly Wiggly Food For Less, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses).

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POWER BUYS: Check out our Power Buys good from June 7 through June 13.

Piggly Wiggly Food For Less Panama City is your Cost Plus 10% discount grocery store! We sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store. Shop now at https://pigglywigglypanamacityfl.com/.


Items Pictured:


All Products of Coke 6 Pack. Half ltr. Btls. $2.98

Fresh Premium Pork Whole Boneless Pork Loin Per lb. $1.71

Premium Pork Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.24

Certified Angus Choice Beef Sirloin Tip Steak Value Pack. Per lb. $4.45

California Iceberg Lettuce Head $1.58

Fresh Idaho Potatoes 5-lb. Bag $2.90

California Sweet Strawberries 1-lb. Ctn. $1.97

Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts Gallon $5.67

Kraft Blue Box Mac N Cheese 7.25-oz. 89₵

Assorted Malt O Meal Cereal 30-34-oz. $4

Johnny Fleeman’s Honey Mustard 32-oz. $3.99

Dale’s Steak Seasoning 16-oz. $3.27

Barefoot Wine 1.5 ltr. $7.98

Andre Champagne 750 ml. $5.61

Barefoot Bubbly 750 ml. $7.50


Items Not Pictured:


All Products of Coke 2-ltr. Btl. $1.55

Assorted Flavors Powerade 28 oz. 91₵

Assorted Flavors Body Armor 16-oz. 88₵

All Products of Pepsi 12 Pack. 12 oz. Cans $3.90

All Products of Pepsi 6 Pack. Half ltr. Btls. $3.96

Certified Angus Choice Beef Whole Boneless Sirloin Tip Per lb. $4.22

Heavy Western Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak Value Pack. Per lb. $10.86

Certified Angus Choice Beef Sirloin Tip Roast Value Pack. Per lb. $4.40

Fresh Springer Mountain Whole Fryers Per lb. $1.53

Fresh Premium Pork Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops Value Pack. Per lb. $2.11

Fresh Premium Pork Boneless Thin Cut Breakfast Pork Chops Value Pack. Per lb. $2.30

Assorted Armour Lunchmakers 2.3-3-oz. 95₵

Nathan’s Bun Length or Colossal Franks Value Pack. 28-32 oz. $8.96

Sliced Carolina Pride Bacon 24-oz. $6.33

Washington Red, Gala or Golden Apples 3-lb. $3.50

Fresh Green Bell Peppers Each 40₵

Fresh Snow White Cauliflower Head $2.78

Fresh Seedless Watermelon Each $5.88

US Southern Sweet Athena Cantaloupes Each $2

Fancy Zucchini or Yellow Squash Per lb. 65₵


Assorted Margaret Holmes Vegetables 15-oz. $1.28

Value Size Black Burn Made Syrup 40-oz. $3.98

All Varieties Piggly Wiggly K Cup Coffee 12-ct. $3.32

Dixie Lilly Yellow Rice 5-oz. 59₵

Pit Boss Smoker Pellets 20-lb. Bag $6.89

All Varieties Tampico Punch Gallon $2.24

Ensueno Fabric Softener 125-oz. $6

Ensueno Liquid Detergent 100-oz. $6

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 20-oz. Value Size $4.99

Assorted Bush’s Baked Beans 28-oz. $1.98

Regular or Canola Wesson Oil 48-oz. $3.97

Piggly Wiggly Pork N Beans 16-oz. 55₵

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 64-oz. Assorted $2.71

Shedd’s Country Crock 15-oz. Spread $2.75

Piggly Wiggly Shredded Cheese 2-lb. Value Size $5.90

Donald Duck Orange or Apple Juice 59-oz. $2.14

Pictsweet Clear Bag Frozen Vegetables 22-28-oz. $2.97

All Varieties Eggo Waffles 24-ct. Value Size $4.99

Crav’n Pizza Bites 40-ct. $2.76

Blue Bunny Blue Ribbon Ice Cream 48-oz. $2.86

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 96-oz. $4.42

Piggly Wiggly Hot Sauce 34-oz. Value Size $1.87

Piggly Wiggly Wing Sauce 12-oz. $1.39

Piggly Wiggly Yum Yum Sauce 16-oz. $1.88

Smucker’s Grape Jelly 32-oz. $2.51

Assorted Capri Sun 10-Pack $2.70

Hippo Tall Kitchen Bags 15-ct. with Leak Proof Bottom $2.89

Ultra Gain Dish Liquid 21.6-oz. $1.66

Detergent Tide Liquid 146-oz. Value Size $18.97

Tropical Moscato 750 ml. $9

Lamarca Prosecco 750 ml. $12.50

Dark Horse Wine 750 ml. $6

Mark West Pinot Noir 750 ml. $7.50

Duplin Wine 750 ml. $6.50

Rotisserie Cooked Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs Slab $10

Rotisserie Cooked Slow Smoked BBQ Sandwich with 4 Potato Logs $6.95

Rotisserie Cooked Slow Smoked Whole Chicken Each $6.97

From The Wing Bar Hot Wings 6-8- Flavors to Choose From Per lb. $4.40

Rotisserie Slwo Smoked Leg Quarters 3 Pack $3.99

White Meat Chicken, Seafood, Ham, Tuna or Egg Resers Salads 12-oz. $3.76

Hayden Valley Salted Caramel or Chocolate Covered Pretzels 5-oz. $2

8 Inch 2 Layer Delicious Coconut Cake Each $11.94