Featured Power Buys
Dear valued customers,

As the country responds to the unprecedented consequences of coronavirus, please be assured that Piggly Wiggly Food For Less is doing everything in our power to keep the store clean, disinfected and as stocked as possible. We have adjusted our store closing hours in order to give our team more time to clean and restock shelves. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less’ top priorities are our customers and employees, and this is just one of the many measures we are taking to care for them. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less will be open to serve you Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We are dedicating the first hour of business for our seniors aged 55 or older. This dedicated hour will be available to you, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Thank you for your business!

At Piggly Wiggly Food For Less, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses).

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POWER BUYS: Check out our Power Buys good April 7 through April 13. Don’t forget, Food For Less Panama City is your Cost Plus 10% discount grocery store!

Items Pictured:

Coca-Cola 12-pack 12-oz. Cans $2.99

Fresh Ground Beef Value Pack Per lb. $1.75

Fresh Premium Fryer Drumsticks or Bone-in Thighs Value Pack Per lb. 66¢

Fresh Premium Pork Center Cut Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $1.81

Fresh Premium Pork Thin Cut Breakfast Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $2.10

Fresh Premium Split Fryer Breasts Value Pack Per lb. $1.35

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Stew Meat Value Pack Per lb. $4.68

Nature’s Best Wild Caught Headless Red Shrimp 21-30-ct. Pkg. $11.44

Jackson Farms Florida Grown Fresh Cabbage Per lb. 41¢

Jackson Farms Florida Grown Fresh Yellow Squash Per lb. 97¢

Super Select Crisp Cucumbers Each 38¢

California Navel Oranges 4-lb. Bag $3.98

Fresh Express Spring Mix 10-oz. $1.98

Assorted Flavors Hawaiian Punch Gallon $1.77

Tampico Punch Gallon $1.34

Country Delite Sweet Tea Gallon $1.50

Assorted Flavors Gatorade Drink 32-oz. 89¢

Sparkle Paper Towels 6=9 Rolls $4.28

Assorted Kool-Aid Jammers 10-ct. $1.56

Assorted Flavors Malt-O-Meal Cereal Giant Size $2.97

Tetley Tea Bags 24-ct. $1.48

Woodbridge Wine 750 ml $3.75

CK Mondavi Wine 1.5 L $7.50

Barefoot Wine 1.5 L $6.99

White Claw 12-pack $13.90

Natural Light, Natural Ice or Natty Daddy 15-pack $7.90


Items Not Pictured: 

Body Armor Drink 28-oz. 90¢

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Chuck Roast 2-roast Value Pack Per lb. $4.31

Fresh Premium Pork Bone-in Whole or Half Pork Loin Per lb. $1.27

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Chuck Steak Value Pack Per lb. $4.77

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak Value Pack Per lb. $4.92

Fresh Fryer Liver or Gizzards Per lb. 88¢

Kelly’s Regular or Baby Link Smoked Sausage 1-lb. $3.75

Kentucky Legend Artisan Lunch Meat 7-oz. $2.99

Butterball Ground Turkey 16-oz. $2.67

Plantation Whole Quail 4-ct. $6.99

Nature’s Best Swai 2-lbs. $5.96

Nature’s Best Imitation Crab Meat 1-lb. $1.97

Rudy’s Farm Sausage Patties 3-lbs. $6.92

Georgia Boy Smoked Sausage 10-lb. Pack $18.81

Pillsbury Self-rising Flour 5-lb. Bag $1.90

Cavendish Crinkle Cut or Straight Cut French Fries 2-lb. Bag $1

Piggly Wiggly Cream Cookies 25-oz. $1.10

Kingsford Charcoal Twin Pack Two 20-lb. Bags $19.77

Sugardale Diced or Cubed Ham 8-oz. $1.98

Nature’s Best Large Peeled & Deveined Red Shrimp 2-lb. Pkg. $11.44

Nature’s Best Breaded Oysters 2-lbs. $11.96

Armour Meatballs 14-oz. $2.34

Jackson Farms Florida Grown Fresh String Green Beans Per lb. 88¢

Idaho Potatoes 10-lb. Bag $2.99

Idaho Russet Baking Potatoes Per lb. 66¢

Fresh Sweet Cantaloupe Each $1.96

Buddy Fruits Each 57¢

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 12-oz. $2.57

Yellow or White Dixie Lily Grits 20-oz. 90¢

V8 Splash 64-oz. $1.65

All Flavors Piggly Wiggly Soda 12-pack 12-oz. Cans $2.68

Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12-oz. $1.88

Meat or Traditional Ragu Sauce 45-oz. $2.48

Assorted Hamburger Helper 5.25-6.6-oz $1.06

Apollo “No Leak” Foam Plates 100-ct. $1.61

Handi Wipes 3-ct. 35¢

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 18 Mega Rolls $14.41

Xtra Calypso Fresh Detergent 255-oz. $7

Piggly Wiggly K-Cup Coffee 12-ct. $2.98

Regular or Canola Wesson Oil 48-oz. $2.23

Furlani Country Garlic Bread 8-oz. $1

Dog Beds Each $6.75 

Whoa Waters 8-pack 48-oz. 98¢

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 64-oz. $2.58

Roasting or Grilling Pictsweet Vegetables 11-16-oz. $2.67

Roscato Sweet Red Wine 750 ml $7.87

Arbor Mist Wine 750 ml $3

Gallo Wine 750 ml $3

Apothic Wine 750 ml $6.99

Corona 12-pack $13.96

Modelo 12-pack $13.98

Michelob Ultra 12-pack 16-oz. Btls. $14.90

Landshark 12-pack Cans or Btls. $11.96