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As the country responds to the unprecedented consequences of coronavirus, please be assured that Piggly Wiggly Food For Less is doing everything in our power to keep the store clean, disinfected and as stocked as possible. We have adjusted our store closing hours in order to give our team more time to clean and restock shelves. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less’ top priorities are our customers and employees, and this is just one of the many measures we are taking to care for them. Piggly Wiggly Food For Less will be open to serve you Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We are dedicating the first hour of business for our seniors aged 55 or older. This dedicated hour will be available to you, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Thank you for your business!

At Piggly Wiggly Food For Less, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses).

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Piggly Wiggly Food For Less Panama City is your Cost Plus 10% discount grocery store! We sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store. Shop now at https://pigglywigglypanamacityfl.com/.


Items Pictured:


Purex Laundry Detergent 150 oz. $8.98

Kraft Mayo Gallon $9.97

Fresh Extra Large Tomatoes Per lb. $1

Fresh Green Cabbage Per lb. 45₵

Regular or Bun Size Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners 1 lb. Pkg. $2.40

USDA Heavy Western Beef New York Strip Steak Value Pack… Per lb. $7.75

Assorted Flavors Body Armor 16 oz. $1

Jackson Farms Crisp Cucumbers Each 39₵

Jackson Farms Fresh Yellow Squash Per lb. 98₵

Regular Only Maxwell House Coffee 30.6 oz. $4.99

Extra Fancy Honey Crisp Apples Per lb. 79₵

Assorted 2x Malt O Meal Cereals 23-26 oz. $3.33

Angel Soft Bath Tissue 18=72 Mega Roll $9.90

Fresh Premium Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $2

Kraft Original BBQ Sauce 39-40 oz. $2.69 


Items Not Pictured:


Angel Soft Bath Tissue 36=144 Mega Roll $ 19.97-1.00   Use Digital Coupon $18.97 (Use 1x In One Transaction)

Land O’ Frost Lunch Meat 22 oz. Mega Pack 6.97 -1.00 Use Digital Coupon $5.97 (Use 3x In One Transaction)

Idaho Potatoes 10 lb. bag $ 5.80 -1.50 Use Digital Coupon $4.30 (Use 1x In One Transaction)

#1 Red Potatoes 10 lb. bag $ 6.67 -2.00 Use Digital Coupon $4.67 (Use 1x In One Transaction)

Assorted Flavors Coca Cola 8 Pack… 12 oz. Btls. $4.97

Assorted Flavors Powerade 28 oz. 99₵

Assorted Flavors Body Armor 6 Pack… 20 oz. $4.99

Fresh Lean Ground Beef Value Pack Per lb. $3.61

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Shoulder Roast 2 Roast Value Pack per lb. $4.12

Fresh Premium Mis-Cut Split Fryer Breast Value Pack… per lb. 95₵

Fresh Premium Grade A Fryer Breast Tenders Value Pack… per lb. $2.97

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Shoulder Steak Value Pack… per lb. $4.88

Hormel Black Label Bacon 1 lb. Pkg. $4.99

Smoky Link, Regular, Cheddar, Beef or Polish Eckrich Sausage 10-14 oz. $2.99

Cure 81 Ham Steaks 8 oz. $2.50

Dean’s Sausage Patties 27 oz. $6.32

Our Best Baby Back Ribs! “Elite” Seaboard Brand Pork Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.77

Fresh Premium Grade A Chicken Stir Fry Value Pack… Per lb. $3.33

Assorted Armour Lunch Makers each $1

Fresh Premium Pork Loin Bone-In Center-Cut Pork Roast Per lb. $2.75

Fresh Premium Whole Turkey Wings Value Pack… Per lb. $1.46

Fresh Premium Pork Bone-In Center Cut Thin Breakfast Pork Chops Value Pack… Per lb. $2.39

Fresh Whole Catfish per lb. $4.14

Fresh Local 16/25-ct. per lb. Nature’s Best “Wild Caught” Deep Water Headless Red Shrimp 2 lb. bag $14.43

Fresh Red Potatoes 5 lb. bag $2.49

Fresh Gold Potatoes 5 lb. bag $2.49

Fresh Red or White Onions 2 lb. bag $2

Fresh Shredded Collards 2 lb. bag $3


Sach’s Roasted Peanuts 5 Lb. Bag $6.51

Jif To Go Value Size 36 Cup $9.97

Nestle Coffee Mate 56 oz. $6.90

Original Moore’s Marinade Value Pack… 64 oz. $2.99

Nabisco Saltine Crackers 12 Pack $3.99

Assorted Hamburger Helper 6 oz. $1.28

Swans Down Cake Flour 2 Lb. $3.25

Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp 14 oz. or Fish Sticks 24.5 oz. $5.99

Assorted Activia Yogurt 4 Pack… 4 oz. $2.72

Frozen Ore-Ida Potatoes 22-32 oz. $3.94

Innovasian Oriental Entrees 18 oz. $4.98.

Hefty Plates 45-Ct. $1.99

Thin Crust Crav’n Pizza 15.4-16.9 oz. $3.33

Assorted Gatorade Drinks 6 Pack $3.76

Land O Lakes Real Butter 1 Lb. $3.61

Assorted Chobani Yogurt 5.3 oz. 98₵

Twin Pack Michael Angelo’s Egg Plant Parmigiana 2 – 34 oz. Trays… 68 oz. Total! $13.33

Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 1.5 Ltr. $6.98

Castleberry Beef Stew 15-oz. $1.80

Campbell’s Pork N’ Beans 11 oz. 59₵

Assorted Knotty Pretzels 7.5 oz. $4.98

Piggly Wiggly Potato Chips 5 oz. Pre-Priced $1.99 Your Cost $1.25

Knotty Vines Pinot Noir 750 ml. $8.98

Varietals Menage A Trois 750 ml. $7.50

Gallo Wine 1.5 ltr. $6.79

Foxhorn Cabernet, Chardonnay or Merlot 1.5 ltr. $8.24

Barefoot Wine 1.5 ltr. $7.98

Andre Champagne 750 ml. $5.61

Stella Rosa Wine 750 ml. $9

Apothic Wine 750 ml. $7.55

Panera Tomato Soup 16 oz. $2.97

From The Wing Bar 6-8- flavors to choose from Flavored Buffalo Wings per lb. $4.44

Our Famous Southern Fried Chicken 12 piece mixed 3 wings, 3 Breast, 3 Thighs, 3 Drumsticks $11

Rotisserie Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs slab $12

New! Jalapeno Pimento Cheese per lb. $5.37

Reser’s Cole Slaw, Macaoni or Potato Salad 2.75-3-lb. $4.51

8” Single Layer German Chocolate Cake Each $7.95